Interactive Designs

Technology already controls more than 75% of our lives. When is it enough?

Join us with ideas to make our lives and the lives of our children better.

We can't prevent our kids from being controlled by smart phones and computers. But will they be controlled by robots in the future? 

Through quantum computers and 5G networks, robots will soon be in our homes, controlling our lives and the lives of our children. Once that happens, it will be irreversible. Help change the trend.

Bring back the human interactions, with our children, friends and family. Join us with ideas to make our lives better.


  • Encourage more social interactions, face to face conversations and sharing real-life experiences.
  • Plug in your devices, but still join together for meals, work or play.

Modular designs with different configurations. Great in airport lounges, hotels, city centers, schools, parks and other cultural and public spaces, both indoors and outdoors - with the goal of bringing people together.