3D Services

3D Technology Enables the Impossible Engineering

Bring your ideas to life in 3D! We can help.

3D Prototyping & Product Design:
- Let us help you turn your idea or concept to an actual product ready to sell.

Easy Customization:
- Information doubles every 2 years, and with conventional means you can never catch up. With 3D digitized models and components, you can customize products easily and quickly.

3D designs

3D Scanning and Modelling Services

Our team is equipped with high precision 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technologies and 3D Modelling software. We have been identifying and developing various ways to leverage these technologies to bring added value to many different business sectors.

3D Scanning, High precision with 0.05 mm accuracy:

Our services have been used to generate high quality scans of original statues for reproduction and replicas, damaged pieces of historical buildings and churches that need restoration, digital archiving or works of art or manufacturing parts.  

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of advanced scanners and other complimentary software and technologies, to deliver high quality 3D scanning projects, within short timelines. We can deliver 3D object files, CAD files, or 3D printed item. 

Let us take care of 3D scanning for you so you can focus on your real expertise. 

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3D Printing Services

Turn your ideas and designs into reality. We offer 3D printing services using various materials, from PLA, PETG, HIPS, ASA or other materials. 

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Eco-Friendly Statues, Save the Environment

save the environment with eco-friendly statues

Help save the environment! And still maintain the same quality and beauty of artwork and more durable than traditional wood-carved statues, with our Eco-Friendly products.


  • Made of Eco-Friendly material (PLA derived from corn), instead of cutting very large trees for each statue, or using petroleum-based resin, fiberglass and plastic statues.
  • Consistent high quality and fine details with 3D scanned and printed products.
  • Same quality and beauty of artwork, and more durable than wood statues.
  • Less costly (~40%) and faster delivery (~4-6 weeks). 
  • Replacement of exact statue or pieces, for restoration.
  • Replicas of your original statue can be made in any size, from 17 cm [6.7 in.] and up.

We pledge to plant a TREE for every Eco-Friendly statue sold!


3D Services - Reproductions for Safe Keeping

3D Services - Small Replicas or Miniatures

3D Services - Medical and Dental

3D Services - Authentic Props for Film Sets and Stages

3D Services - Prototyping and Product Design