3D Services - Medical and Dental

Dentistry and Orthodontics

Dental molds

From specialized 3D dental scans, performed in the dentist's office directly on the patients mouth, we are able to transfer the digitized scan and manipulate these 3D models using innovative and specialized software. Patient privacy is preserved throughout these processes. Together with the dentist or orthodontist we are able to fine tune the model, specify movements or pressure points.

Once the model is processed, marked and labelled, an accurate mold can be 3D printed with high accuracy.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of advanced scanners and other complimentary software and technologies, to deliver high quality 3D models and printed dental molds, within short timelines. We can deliver 3D object files, CAD files, or 3D printed item. 

Medical Applications

3D scanning and 3D printing can be applied in the medical field in so many ways, with great benefit to patients and doctors. 


Custom modelled to fit perfectly to the patient. 3D printing greatly reduces the production costs of these medical devices and makes them affordable for most patients. 

3D printed custom cast

Custom Casts

By scanning the patient directly, an accurate model can be made. Custom cast can then be 3D printed, made of light plastic, flexible designs, and fitting perfectly to the patient for greater comfort and support. 





3D scan and modelling can create a perfect custom fit to any patient, and then 3D printing in light plastic for the most comfort to the patient.


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