3D Services - Small Replicas or Miniatures

REPLICAS of Original Art Pieces

We offer solutions to help avoid the risks of theft or vandalism of original works of art, which can be kept in a secure place. This is especially useful for 

  • Unique and valuable pieces that are stored and can’t be exposed
  • Valuable pieces in need of repair, restoration or reconstruction
Replicas of St. Joseph 15cm      

MINIATURES of Sculptures or Real People

  • Small replicas of original sculptures or models of real people

Museums, Art Galleries and Churches and Others could benefit greatly!

We perform high precision 3D scanning (to 0.05 mm accuracy) of statues.

We then process and manipulate the 3D model if necessary to ensure it truly captures all of the details of the original. 

And finally we make an exact reproduction of the original model, with 3D printing direclty from the 3D model. And we paint and finish it with the same quality and beauty as the original.

These are great to give away as gifts, fundraisers, or to sell in your gift shop.

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