3D Services - Reproductions for Safe Keeping

Protect National and Local Treasures! ( Notre Dame )

REPRODUCTIONS of Valuable Statues, for Safe Keeping 

Are you concerned about your precious and valuable original statues getting stolen or vandalized when they are on public display? Have you protected your treasures with digitalized scans of your original artwork, or reproductions in case of accidents or tragedies?

We offer solutions to help avoid these risks to original works of art, which can be kept in a secure place. 

Cathedrals, Churches, Monasteries, Museums, Art Galleries and Others can benefit greatly!

Sample Eco-Friendly Statue

We perform high precision 3D scanning (to 0.05 mm accuracy) of rare and delicate pieces without touching or applying any substances or materials to the original piece.

We then process and manipulate the 3D model if necessary to ensure it truly captures all of the details of the original piece. 

And finally we make an exact reproduction of the original piece, with 3D printing direclty from the 3D model. And we paint and finish it with the same quality and beauty as the original.

These are great to use for public display purposes or in processions. We can also make smaller replicas of the original piece, to give away as gifts, fundraisers, or sell in your gift shop.

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Saint Rita      St Joseph Replicas

       Saint Rita           Reproduction of Saint Joseph