3D Services - Authentic Props for Film Sets and Stages

Film and Theatre Stage Props

Anything is possible! 

Looking for authentic props for your films or videos? Anything is possible, and we can help!

We offer a wide range of 3D services and can make any piece that you might need for your film set or stage.

  • Decorative pieces, statues and all kinds of sculptures for stage set backgrounds 
  • Accessories for costumes, such as masks, swords, wings, crowns, medieval artifacts and so much more

We perform high precision 3D scanning (to 0.05 mm accuracy) of any artifact. 

We have a database of many artifacts that would be useful for film and theatre stage sets.

We process and manipulate the 3D models if necessary, to ensure it truly captures all the details needed. 

And finally, we make an exact reproduction of the model, 3D printed directly from the 3D model. We paint and finish it with the same quality and beauty as the original or to any of your specifications.

About Our Services

We are involved in all aspects of 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing and provide services to various sectors, including props for the film industry. We see great potential in this area for making unique pieces, replicas of original pieces - on demand very quickly and affordably.

Our professional team is equipped with high precision 3D Scanners (with 0.05 mm accuracy), 3D modelling and production software and various 3D printers (with 0.05 mm precision) capable of printing high quality, detailed prints, large or small. We can paint and finish the pieces in a variety of ways, specific to your needs.

We have the technology, skills and expertise using 3D services, to provide any props you may need.

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