Custom Statues, Made in Portugal

We have a very large selection of models to choose from. And we can combine components from various models to make a really unique and beautiful statue to your specifications. We can also custom make a statue based on your photos.

View our Collections of Sample Models:

Custom statues of Our Lady

Statues of Our Lady


Custom Statues of Male Saints

Male Saints

Custom Statues of Female Saints

Female Saints

Custom Statues of Angels

Angels, Archangels


Authentic Custom-Made Statues from Portugal

Original, Hand-Carved, Hand Painted

You will appreciate the fine details and quality of these statues made by master craftsmen with passion and spiritual inspirations for the sacred arts.

Beautiful Statues for Religious Institutions, Churches, Monasteries, Schools and Private Collections - including statues of Our Lady, Jesus Christ, Catholic Saints, Crucifixes and other Religious Figures. 

  • Based on our original models, or a combination of features from various staues, or based on your photos and description

Available in a Variety of Materials and Finishes:

  • Eco-Friendly (PLA) material, Color Painted or Wood-Stained;
  • Wood-Carved, Color Painted or Stained;
  • Bronze;
  • White Marble;
  • Gold Leaf (23K)

Our Goal

To offer the most beautiful artistic statues for your prayer and devotions. You will be filled with joy and inspiration, when you see the beauty and fine craftsmanship of our work.