Demoel Art Studio

Custom Luxury Furniture and Décor

Designed for Interactions

Interactive Designs

Technology already controls more than 75% of our lives. When is it enough?
Join us with ideas to make our lives better.

Interactive Designs

Bring people and families together
- Encourage more social interactions, face to face conversations and sharing real-life experiences
- Plug in your devices, but still join together for meals, work or play.


Modern Seating

Sofas and Other Seating

Most furniture is designed for adults. Bring children and families into focus, with our unique seating arrangements.



Modern Tables:

dining or coffee table, with tubular base

Dining Tables that bring food and conversation together.

Coffee Tables, unique modern designs, customized to suit your décor and fit your space.

Accent Tables that bring an artistic flare to your décor.


modern sculptures

Decorative Pieces:



Custom, Original European Designs. Sculptures, Center Pieces, Vases and more - Made in Portugal.



digital art paintings

Digital Art Paintings on Canvas:

Beautiful Digital Art Paintings on Canvas, Original European Designs - Made in Portugal.

Abstracts, Geometric, Mosaic Paintings, Digitally Rendered.




For Indoors or Outdoors. Made of Marfinite (stone compound), Fiberglass, Eco-Friendly PLA or Wood. Available in a Variety of Sizes to fit any project or space.

Various Finishes are possible, Such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and various colors of metallic, glossy or matte paint finishes.


Check out our New Ideas page, for interesting concepts, coming soon.



Co-Founders Angela & Jorge

Angela studied Computer Science in Canada and has 35 years' experience implementing multi-million-dollar ICT projects for various business sectors. 

Jorge studied Mechanical Engineering in Canada and has 35 years' experience working in Canada and Portugal, CAD design, automation software and new product design.