Lady of Carmel

Lady of Carmel 01 - Wood-Carved, Color Painted - 35% OFF

  • $3,280.00

STATUES in Various Materials and Finishes, up to 35% OFF

  • Statues Hand Carved in Wood:
    • Color Painted - 35% OFF (see Description below)
    • Wood Stained Finish - 35% OFF - Click Here
  • Statues Made of Eco-Friendly Material:
  • Statues Finished in Gold or Silver:

REPLICAS of Original Statue, up to 15% OFF

  • Buy Replicas of Original Statue, when purchased with an original statue and Save up to 15% OFF
  • Great as Gifts for Fund Raisers or to sell in local Gift Shop
  • Various Sizes: 15.25 cm [6 in.], 20.3 cm [8 in.] , 25.4 cm [10 in.] and 30.5 cm [12 in.]
  • Made of Eco-Friendly materials
  • Minimum Quantities may apply.
  • Please Contact Us for more information.

REPRODUCTIONS of Valuable Statues, for Safe Keeping

Are you concerned about your precious and valuable original statues getting stolen or vandalized when they are on public display? We offer solutions to help avoid the risks of theft or vandalism of orignal works of art, which can be kept in a secure place.

We can scan the original statue and make an exact reproduction of it, and paint it with the same quality and beauty as the original statue, that can be used for display purposes or in processions. This can also be applied for any valuable items.

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BUSTS in Various Materials and Finishes, up to 35% OFF

  • Busts Hand Carved in Wood:
  • Busts Made of Eco-Friendly Material:
  • Busts Finished in Gold:
    • Wood Carved Busts, 23K Gold Leaf Finish - Please Contact Us
    • Eco-Friendly Busts, 23K Gold Leaf Finish - Please Contact Us
  • Busts Made of Outdoor Material:
  • Bronze Bust Statues, in various finishes. Please Contact Us

RELIEFS in Various Materials and Finishes

  • Reliefs Hand Carved in Wood:
  • Reliefs Made of Eco-Friendly Material:
  • Reliefs Finished in Gold:
  • Reliefs Made of Outdoor Material:
  • Bronze Relief Statues, in various finishes. Please Contact Us

CUSTOM Statues or Customizations

Original Custom-Made Wood Statues, Hand-Carved, Hand Painted - Made in Portugal

We have a very large selection of models for custom stautues. And we can combine components from various models to make a really unique and beautiful statue, to your specifications. We can also custom make a statue based on your photos. 

Beautiful Statues for Religious Institutions, Churches, Monasteries, Schools and Private Collections - including statues of Our Lady, Jesus Christ, Catholic Saints, Crucifixes and other Religious Figures. 

You will appreciate the fine details and quality of these statues made by master craftsmen with passion and spiritual inspirations for the sacred arts.

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Professional Repair or Restoration of Statues and other Religious Items

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DESCRIPTION: Wood Carved, Color Painted Statue - 35% OFF

Prices Reduced - 35% OFF

  • Highest Quality Wood Sculptures - Made in Portugal
  • Hand-Carved by Expert European Sculptors, Using the Best Quality Wood
  • Hand Painted by Professional Artists, Using the Finest Oil-based Paint in Vivid Colors, Gilded with Real Gold Leaf Trim (23K)
  • Crystal Eyes of Top Quality, for a Realistic Expression
  • Made to Order, with Special Attention to Details
  • Bring inspiration to your prayers and devotion with this beautiful statue

BENEFITS of Buying from Us

  • Able to make replacement pieces, in case of damage to statue from falling, such as broken hands etc.
  • Please Contact Us for more information.