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Eco-Friendly Statues vs Wood-Carved Statues

Help save the environment! And still maintain the same quality, durability and beauty of artwork, with our Eco-Friendly products.

Eco-Friendly Statues:

eco-friendly statue
  • Save the environment, since stautes are made with corn-based PLA material.
  • Consistent high quality and fine details with 3D scanning and 3D printing, with accuracy up to 0.05 mm (0.002 in.).
  • Highest quality and beautiful artwork, and more durable than wood statues.
  • Less costly (~40%) than wood-carved statues
  • Delivery time (~6-8 weeks).
  • Statue can be made lighter for ease of carrying in processions, but still strong and durable.
  • Reverse (mirror) image of the statue can be made as well, i.e. facing left or facing right, to suit where the statue will be placed.
  • Any custom sizes can also be made, between 70 cm [27.6 in.] to 240 cm [94.5 in.] within 1 cm [0.4 in.] increments. Please inquire.
  • Replacement of exact statue or pieces, for restoration work.
  • Replicas of your original statue can be made in any size, from 20 cm [7.8 in.] and up
  • Provide your own 3D files and we will make the statue for you.

We pledge to plant a TREE for every Eco-Friendly statue sold!

Wood-Carved Statues:

  • Old tradition of wood carved statues, quality, beauty and durability.
  • Hand-carved - every statue is slightly unique, but following the original model.
  • More costly (~40%) than Eco-Friendly statues, since they are all hand-carved
  • Delivery time (~6-9 months). 

We pledge to plant a TREE for every Wood statue sold!

Please Contact Us for more information and prices.

Description: Eco-Friendly 3D

Highest Quality, Beautiful Church Statues - Made in Portugal

Eco-Friendly Statues

  • Made from Eco-Friendly natural organic material
  • Very strong and durable with a beautiful smooth finish
  • Hand Painted by Professionals, Using the Finest Oil Paints and 23K Gold Trim
    • See photo of sample painted statues. Customized colors are possible.
  • Crystal Eyes of Top Quality, for a Realistic Expression


  • It usually takes approximately 4-6 weeks for painting of the statue (customized colors are possible).
  • We will send photos once the statue is completed for your approval before shipping the statue to you.

* Statues may vary slightly from photos shown.

3D Technology

  • Innovative technology is used to achieve high quality designs with fine details
  • 3D scanning of our original models, with an accuracy of 0.05 mm
  • 3D printing of eco-friendly statues on high end printers with the same accuracy
  • Made from eco-friendly material, derived from organic, renewable resources.

Accessories: Crowns, Veils, Rosaries - 25% OFF

Gold Filigree Crown 25% OFF, when purchased with a statue:

  • Adorn your statue with a beautiful Gold Filigree Crown.
  • At Checkout, enter the Discount Code "CROWN 25% OFF"
  • Click Here - to see our Selection

Embroidered Satin Veil 25% OFF, when purchased with a statue:

  • Beautifully Hand-Crafted, Made in Portugal
  • Made of satiny fabric, Double-sided with Quilt Padding, Decorated with Gold Scroll Design and subtle colored flowers
  • At Checkout, enter the Discount Code "VEIL 25% OFF"
  • Click Here - to see our Selection

Fatima Rosaries 25% OFF, when purchased with a statue:

  • Hand-Crafted in Fatima, Portugal
  • Complement your statue with a Beautiful Rosary, various colors and styles are available.
  • At Checkout, enter the Discount Code "ROSARY 25% OFF"
  • Click Here - to see our Selection

FREE Options:

Steel Plate to Secure Statue

Please Contact Us for more information or to specify your option.

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